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“Daddy’s Girl” was inspired by my daughter, Kathleen.  One day she donned Daddy’s sweatshirt and was calling, “Mommy, Mommy, look at me!”  When I turned around to look, she smiled sweetly and sighed, “I love being lost in Daddy’s sweatshirt.  It's so snuggly warm.”  That moment struck me as incredibly precious and one that I always wanted to remember.  I began to reminisce about the special moments I had spent with my own father, and the many times I’d observed those types of moments with my niece and her father as she grew up.  And now that I am a mother, some of my most contented moments are of those watching, or just listening to, my husband and daughter laugh, snuggle, talk, play, or read together.  My heart smiles now as I write this.

As a children’s author, this was one of those “aha” moments that cried out to be written into a story to celebrate the magical relationship between daddy’s and their girls.  Thus, “Daddy’s Girl” was conceived.  As my first published book, the process of “Daddy’s Girl” coming to term has been, and continues to be, one of great learning and excitement.  It has been exciting to watch the development of the illustrations breathe life into the text.

A very special part of this book are the two scrapbook pages to create your very own “Daddy’s Girl” story.  With this personalization, this book will become a family keepsake.

My hope is that this book will be a blessing to fathers and daughters of all ages.  Whether a bond is being established with a new addition to the family, a relationship is growing year after year, or continuing to mature with age, my prayer is that this book will strengthen that matchless bond between fathers and their little girls.

Happy Reading!